Nesting albatrosses at Kaena Point

Kaena Point Directions-> Drive to Haliewa but rather than turning right into Haleiwa town, stay left and head towards Mokuleia -> Drive past Mokuleia -> Drive past YMCA -> Park at the parking lot next to the dirt road -> Walk down that dirt road -> Carefully go through the gates closing both doors behind you -> Duck because the albatrosses will be flying overhead. Albatrosses are endangered species and ground nesters. Please do not walk into nesting areas marked off with rope or tape. You could accidently smash an egg or a baby bird by stepping on it. Keep on the hiking path.

Kaena Point is an easy 4 mile walk round trip. Remember to bring water and sunscreen. This is a nature preserve where you can observe rare birds and monk seals. Please don’t pet the seals or birds because they bite when provoked. Enjoy the baby birds and baby seals!

1Kaena Point

2Kaena Point

3Kaena Point

Beautiful little crab in a tidepool

4Kaena Point

Mama Albatross sitting on her egg.

5Kaena Point

An albatross couple canoodling.

Kaena Point (2)

A baby albatross who doesn’t like photographers.


5 thoughts on “Nesting albatrosses at Kaena Point

  1. Angeline M says:

    See what happens when you canoodle?

  2. Awesome! I didn’t know they walked like that. Hehe. Baby albatross is so cute :)

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