Lyon’s Arboretum

Lyon’s Arboretum Directions -> Drive all the way down Manoa Road -> yes you will reach the end of the neighborhood and start driving into a small forest -> keep driving -> Tell the parking guy you will park at Lyon’s Arboretum -> Drive pass the little restraunts to eat and the parking guy -> You will reach a gate to your right for Manoa Falls and a long driveway on your left for Lyon’s Arboretum -> Drive up the driveway and park in their lot -> Sign in at the visitor’s office which is at the end of the lot -> I suggest getting a map while you are in there -> The trail starts at the end of the parking lot where you see a gravel trail.

Lyon’s Arboretum is my favorite place on Oahu. Therefore I’m going to write 10 blogs posts about it because I think the place deserves it. This is 1 of 10 posts.

lyon's arboretum

Just walking up the driveway to the Cobblestone path is immensely beautiful.

lyon's arboretum (1)

Tiny little orchids

lyons arboretum (5)

A nice place to read and have lunch.

lyon's arboretum (5)

Sunny flowers. I forget their names but they are from bulbs.

lyon's arboretum (26)

This is a furry, golden Heliconia. Yes, I touched it. I had to touch it. It was just too weird and beautiful.

lyon's arboretum (38)

They look like little chairs for fairies.

One thought on “Lyon’s Arboretum

  1. I can see why this is a special place. I look forward to more posts.

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