Kapa’Ele’Ele Trail


Kapa’Ele’Ele Trail Directions-> From Honolulu, follow Likelike Highway (Route 83) or H-3 over the Ko‘olau Mountains and take the Kahekili Highway cut-off. Kahekili becomes Kamehameha Highway (Route 830). Drive pass Swanzy Beach Park and the next Beach Park is Kahana Beach Park. Turn left into the park, but don’t park near the houses and private property. Keep driving until you see the second bathroom on your right. The trailhead will be right next to the bathroom. You can’t miss it. Very short, easy trail. Just watch out for the pigs.

Kapa’Ele’Ele is a very short trail. Its not even a half a mile long. It goes up through the forest and very quickly gains elevation with spectacular views. Its an easy family hike as long as you stay on the main trail. Do not vere off the main trail because of the wild boars and hunters. Don’t be surprise when you run into wild pigs on the trail. They are curious and didn’t bother me when I hiked through their neck of the woods. I recommend keeping small children near you but I doubt the pigs would chase a teenager. (It would probably be the other way around.) Bring water and good shoes. A word of caution: That pretty bay you see is called Kahana Beach Park. It has Man O’ War jellyfish. Keep that in mind if you decide to swim.


The view of the mountains from Kahana Beach


On the trail I met a skiddish wild boar.





This photo makes you want to go swimming, doesn’t it? What you don’t know is that this particular beach is crawling with Man O War jellies. However, its still a beautiful muse.

One thought on “Kapa’Ele’Ele Trail

  1. Bijit Dutta says:

    incredible photography

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