Valley of the Temple Waterfalls


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Many changes have occurred on this trail. This trail is on private land and therefore not entirely legal to access. Also,  the landowners have the privledge of rearranging the landscape. You will see before and after photos because the trail is on private land . I believe they are building more graves and scenic places. The trail was demolished in the process of building more graves and scenic places. However, the natural part of the location was not lost.  Thankfully they are not erecting buildings or walls to totally block our view of the mountain or waterfall.




This is the “after” picture. Also, I might add that if you visit this part of the property to please be quiet and mindful of the families. This is a grave site and mourning families shouldn’t be bothered with noise and excessive cars. There is a parking lot located at Byodo Temple for your convenience.


Its still beautiful even though the trail is gone.






Lulumahu Waterfall

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Kapena Waterfall


This beautiful temple sits near Kapena waterfall



My friend is leading the way


View from above the waterfall


The pool



There are 2 Hawaiian petroglyphs near the waterfall. One of a man and the other of a dog.

Directions: Kapena Waterfall -> Heading southbound on the Pali Highway (H-61 S), pull into the turnout overlooking the pagoda and cemetery just after the Wylie Street exit. Walk on the side of the road (against traffic) back the way you came. The trail begins on the left when the stone wall ends and the guard rail begins.



Frog Garden at Lyon’s Arboretum

lyon 4

Near Lyon’s Arboretum visitor center is a lovely water lily pond that holds many surprises. To hear more visit

lyon 5

This is called the Bat Flower. It looks more like a cat with whiskers.


lyons arboretum (9)



Luakaha Waterfall

This waterfall is in the backyard of three houses.  Therefore I am not comfortable giving out the location. Please enjoy the video!

luakaha (1)


luakaha (2)


Kaniakapuu King Kamehameha III Summer Palace

king kamehameha  iii palace (4)

This palace was completed in 1845 and was used for great feasts for both chiefs and commoners. For directions visit

king kamehameha  iii palace (1)

king kamehameha  iii palace (2)

king kamehameha  iii palace (3)

king kamehameha  iii palace (5)

king kamehameha  iii palace (6)

king kamehameha  iii palace (7)

king kamehameha  iii palace (8)

king kamehameha  iii palace (9)

king kamehameha  iii palace (10)

king kamehameha  iii palace (11)



Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies love to munch on Crown Flowers. There were three 6 foot Crown Flower bushes in Nuuanu. Unfortunately the Monarchs made it their home and their catepillars chewed the bushes down to two feet. The owners of the bushes had a good attitude about the mauling of their bushes. They posted a happy face sign saying “Enjoy the butterflies” and also posted little butterfly signs too.


Maunawili Connector Trail


I don’t recommend this trail for children. Its long, and hot. You can take your favorite dog friend though. Bring 2 liters of water, hiking boots and a snack. Its an all day excursion. You can access this trail from different locations. I chose the Maunawili Waterfall Trail head. I walked up to the Maunawili Falls stairs but instead of going down; I just walked straight pass the bench. The hill becomes higher and higher until it hits the magestic Koolau mountains.

Maunawili Connector Trail 12

Maunawili Connector Trail 1

This is the staircase trail that leads to Maunawili Waterfall. Its on the left. The bench is on the right. I walked straight passed the Maunawili Waterfall trail and bench. This hill trail then becomes Maunawili Connector Trail.

Maunawili Connector Trail 2

Maunawili Connector Trail 3

Maunawili Connector Trail 4

Maunawili Connector Trail 5

Maunawili Connector Trail 6

Maunawili Connector Trail 7

Maunawili Connector Trail 8

Maunawili Connector Trail 9

Maunawili Connector Trail 10

Maunawili Connector Trail 12

Maunawili Connector Trail 13

Maunawili Connector Trail 14

Maunawili Connector Trail 15

Maunawili Waterfalls Directions -> Drive on the Pali Hwy towards Waimanalo -> Before you see Castle Hospital you will see Maunawili Road on the right -> this right after the Highway becomes a normal road rather than a cliff hanging mountain road -> Turn right on Maunawili Road -> Drive straight -> Drive by a school -> Drive by a neighborhood -> Drive through a forest but don’t run over a pedestrian -> Drive through another residential road with a big chalkboard sign on the left that says “Neighborhood Watch, no steal mangoes” or something to that effect -> Drive on the bridge -> Drive until you hit the end of the road. -> On the left you will see a gate -> walk up the trail until you hit Maunawili Falls BUT go straight instead of down to Maunawili Falls -> U will walk past that bench on the right -> Keep walking until you hit the mountain or run out of water. Then walk back.

The Journey…

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I am sometimes…

            a lot of times…

                        most of the time…

                                                my own worst enemy.

Always looking too far ahead –

                                    absent from the immediate gifts about me.

A Silers Bald to Clingmans Dome experience gifts my memory–

all up hill…

up mountain.

 My spirit deceiving my eyes;

physical burn clouding my vision –

seeing only the next climb;

My heart pulled down by discouragement and despair…

depriving myself of what gives life:


living in, open to, and awareness of the Now.

It is not only on the mountain where I carry the enemy.

So, too, it is in my daily living.

I look too far ahead;

my eyes deceived;

my heart chained by fear, expectations, and self-doubt.

 I am not mindful of Presence in the present…

I suspect if I were more so,

getting to the…

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